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第一部:英國文學(English Literature)
英國文學導讀 蔡振興
I 古英語與中古英語文學時期/Old and Medieval English Literature
1. How would you define the time period of Old English literature?/如何界定古英語文學時期?
2. What works are included in Old English poetry?/古英語時期詩歌有哪些,其特色何在?
3. What is the plot and theme of England's national epic Beowulf?/英國史詩《貝爾武夫》的情節和主題為何?
4. What is an epic?/何謂史詩?
5. When does the Medieval Period in English literature occur? How many parts can it be divided into?/如何界定中古英語文學時期?該時期可分為哪幾個階段?
6. Compare the features of Medieval English Literature with those of Old English Literature./中古英語文學和古英語文學比起來,有哪些特點?
7. What are the mystery plays and miracle plays?/什麼是神蹟劇和奇蹟劇?
8. What is a morality play?/什麼是道德劇?
9. Why is Chaucer regarded as "the Father of English poetry?"/喬叟何以被譽為「英詩之父」?
10. What is a heroic couplet?/什麼是「英雄雙行體」?
11. What was Chaucer's literary achievement?/喬叟的文學成就及貢獻主要有哪些?
12. What is a popular ballad? How did the English ballad develope?/何謂民謠?英國民謠是如何發展的?
II 文藝復興時期/The Renaissance Period
1. How would you define the term "Renaissance?"/何謂「文藝復興」?
2. What was the historical and cultural background of the English Renaissance?/英國文藝復興的歷史文化背景是什麼?
3. What is blank verse?/什麼是無韻體詩?
4. What is a sonnet?/何謂十四行詩?十四行詩有哪幾類?
5. How was English drama as a literary form developed in the Elizabethan period?/英國伊麗莎白時代的戲劇有何成就?
6. Why is Edmund Spenser regarded as "a poet's poet?"/英國詩人史賓塞為什麼被譽為「詩人中的詩人」?
7. What is a Spenserian stanza?/史賓塞體詩有何特點?
8. What is the structure of The Faerie Queene?/《仙后》一詩的架構為何?
9. How would you define the term "University Wits?"/何謂「大學才子」?
10. What was the dominant theme in Marlowe's Dr. Faustus?/《浮士德博士的悲劇》一劇的寓意何在?
11. What was Marlowe's literary achievement?/馬婁的文學成就主要表現在哪些方面?
12. Who was Thomas More and what is the content and theme of his Utopia?/《鳥托邦》是怎樣的一本書?其作者湯馬斯.摩爾又是怎樣的一個人?
13. Shakespeare's dramatic career can be roughly divided into four periods. What are they? And what are the major works in each period?/莎士比亞的戲劇創作可分為哪幾個時期?各自的代表作品是什麼?
14. What are the common characteristics in the four great tragedies of Shakespeare?/莎士比亞四大悲劇的共同特色是什麼?
15. Describe Hamlet's complicated character./試分析哈姆雷特的複雜性格。
16. Why are Shakespeare's heroines called "daughters of the Renaissance?"/為何莎士比亞筆下的女性被譽為「文藝復興的女兒」?
17. What is unique about the plot of The Merchant of Venice?/《威尼斯商人》一劇的情節是如何展開的?
18. What was Shakespeare's literary achievement?/莎士比亞的文學成就主要表現在哪幾個方面?
19. Who is Bacon and what are the three classes of his works?/培根在英國文學中的地位如何?他的作品主要有哪幾類?
20. What are the characteristics of Bacon's Essays?/培根的《隨筆集》有何特點?
21. What is metaphysical poetry?/何謂玄學派詩?
22. What are the characteristics of Donne's poetry?/鄧恩詩作的特色何在?
23. What is a conceit?/玄學派常用的「巧喻」指的是什麼?
24. Who is John Milton? What are his major works? And whatwas the social significance of his writings?/米爾頓是個什麼樣的作家?他的主要作品是什麼?他的創作有何意義?
25. What is the content of Milton's Paradise Lost?/米爾頓《失樂園》的主要內容是什麼?
III 新古典主義時期/The Neoclassical Period
1. What is the Neoclassical period in English literature?/什麼是英國文學史上的新古典主義時期? 
2. What is the background of the Enlightenment in English history?/英國啟蒙運動的歷史背景是什麼?
3. What are the standards for literature according to Neoclassicism?/啟蒙運動時期英國新古典主義者的文學創作標準是什麼?
4. What are the "Three Unities?"/什麼是「三一律」?
5. What is the basic viewpoint of Enlightement philosophy?/啟蒙主義的基本觀點是什麼?
6. What is Neoclassical literature?/什麼是新古典主義文學?
7. What are the three stages of English Enlightenment literature during the Neoclassical period?/英國新古典主義時期的啟蒙文學分為哪幾個階段?
8. Who are the main Neoclassical writers? What are their major works?/英國新古典主義時期的主要作家及其代表作有哪些?
9. What is a "Gothic Novel?"/什麼是「哥德式小說」?
10. What is the Graveyard School?/什麼是「墓園派」詩人?
11. What are Bunyan's main works?/班揚的代表作有哪些?
12. Talk about the content and style of The Pilgrim's Progress./《天路歷程》的內容是什麼?它的風格如何?
13. What is the implied meaning of The Pilgrim's Progress?/《天路歷程》的寓意是什麼?
14. What does "vanity fair"mean in The Pilgrim's Progress?/《天路歷程》中的「名利場」該如何理解?
15. What is Pope's viewpoint on criticism and literature?/波普的批評觀和文學觀是什麼?
16. What are Pope's main works?/波普的代表作有哪些?
17. What is the literary type and language style of An Essay on Criticism?/波普《論批評》的題材和語言風格是什麼?
18. ...What is the structure and main idea of Pope's An Essay on Criticism?/波普《論批評》的結構和主要內容是什麼?
19. What was the relationship between Daniel Defoe's personal experiences and his literary career?/狄福的個人生活經歷與其創作生涯有何關係?
20. What are Defoe's major works?/狄褔的代表作有哪些?
21. What are the features of Defoe's works?/狄褔的創作有什麼特點?
22. What is the main idea of Robinson Crusoe?/《魯濱遜漂流記》的主要內容是什麼?
23. What is the significance of Robinson Crusoe? How can we understand the main character, Robinson?/《魯濱遜漂流記》的社會意義是什麼?如何理解作品中魯濱遜這一形象?
24. What is the plot of Swift's Gulliver's Travels? What are the structure and the theme?/《格利佛遊記》的情節、結構和主題是什麼?
25. What is Swift's famous definition of "good style?"And whatis his style?/斯威夫特給「好風格」所下的定義是什麼?他白己的風格又如何?
26. Why is Henry Fielding regarded as the "Father of the English Novel?"/菲爾丁為什麼被譽為「英國小說之父」?
27. What is "comic epic in prose?"/什麼是「散文體的喜劇史詩」?
28. What are the features of Fielding's novels?/菲爾丁的小說有什麼特色?
29. What is the story of Tom Jones?/菲爾丁《湯姆.瓊斯》的故事情節是什麼?
30. Why is Samuel Johnson called "Dictionary Johnson?"/為什麼約翰生被稱為「字典約翰生」?
31. Why is his letter "To the Right Honorable the Earl of Chesterfield" regarded as the Declaration of Independence of English writers? /為什麼〈致柴斯特菲爾德勳爵的信〉被視為是英國作家的「獨立宣言」?
32. What makes Sheridan one of the most important dramatists in English literary history?/謝里敦為什麼被認為是英國文學史上最重要的戲劇家之一?
33. What are Sheridan's main works?/謝里敦的主要作品有哪些?
34. How can we understand the art of satire in The School for Scandal?/如何理解謝里敦《醜聞學校》的諷刺藝術?
35. What is the theme of Thomas Gray's masterpiece "ElegyWritten in a Country Churchyard?"/葛雷〈鄉村墓園輓歌〉的主題是什麼?
36. What do you know about Addison and Steele, the two famous essayists of the neoclassical period?/你瞭解新古典主義時期的兩位著名小品文作家--艾迪森和斯蒂爾嗎?
37. What is the "Age of Sensibility?"/什麼是「感性時代」?
IV 浪漫主義時期/The Romantic Period
1. When did the English Romantic period begin and end?/英國文學浪漫主義時期何時開始,何時結束?
2. What is the historical and cultural background of English Romanticism?/英國文學浪漫主義時期的歷史和文化背景是什麼?
3. What are the basic features of Romantic literature?/浪漫主義文學創作的基本主張是什麼?
4. What do you know about the representative writers of English Romantic literature and their major works?/浪漫主義時期的代表作家及其代表作有哪些?
5. What's the difference between Blake's Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience? Is there any significance here?/布雷克的《天真之歌》和《經驗之歇》的區另可何在?這種區別有何意義?
6. What are the major works of the Pre-Romantic poet RobertBurns?/前浪漫主義詩人彭斯的代表作品有哪些?
7. Who are the "Lake Poets?"/何謂「湖畔派詩人」?
8. Why is Wordsworth regarded as a "worshipper of nature?"/華茲華斯何以被譽為「大自然的崇拜者」?
9. What's the significance and influence of Wordsworth's poems on English literature?/華茲華斯的作品的意義以及對英國文學的影響為何?
10. What does Wordsworth's sentence "The child is father of the man" mean?/怎樣理解華茲堆斯所說的「小孩是成人的雛型」?
11. What does Wordsworth mean when he says, "All good poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings recollected in tranquillity?"/華茲華斯的這句話:「所有優美的詩歌都是人們在寧靜時回憶起來的一種強烈感情的流露」是什麼意思?
12. What is your understanding of Coleridge's philosophy and his viewpoint towards literary criticism? /如何理解柯立芝的哲學思想和文學批評觀?
13. What's the main idea in the poem "Kubla Khan?"/〈忽必烈汗〉這首詩的主題思想是什麼?
14. What is a "Byronic hero?"/何謂「拜倫式英雄」?
15. What are Byron's major works?/拜倫的主要作品有哪些?
16. Describe the content of Don Juan?/長詩《唐璜》的主要內容是什麼?
17. What is the theme of Don Juan?/《唐璜》的主題是什麼?
18. What are the characteristics of Byron's work?/拜倫的寫作特點是什麼?
19. What was the influence of Byron's work on later English literature?/拜倫的作品對後世的英國文學有何影響?
20. What are Shelley's major works?/雪萊的代表作品有那些?
21. When we read "Ode to the West Wind," in what sense does the poet regard the west wind as "destroyer" and as "preserver?"/談到〈西風頌〉,為什麼作者認為西風既是「破壞者」又是「保存者」?
22. How would you interpret the theme of the poem "Ode to the West Wind?" What is its social significance?/〈西風頌〉的主題思想是什麼?有何社會意義?
23. What are Keats' representative works?/濟慈的代表作有哪些?
24. What is the main idea of Keats' "beauty principle?"/濟慈的美學思想是什麼?
25. What is the main theme of "Ode on a Grecian Urn?"/〈希臘古甕頌〉的主題思想是什麼?
26. What are the general features of the works of Romanticism?/浪漫主義時期文學的總體特徵是什麼?
27. What do you know about Scott's historical novels?/司各特的歷史小說分為哪幾類?其代表作有哪些?
28. What is the theme of Pride and Prejudice?/小說《傲慢與偏見》的主題是什麼?
29. How would you describe the writing style of Jane Austen? What is the significance of her work?/奧斯汀的創作風格有何獨到之處?其作品有何社會意義?
V 維多利亞時期/The Victorian Period
1. When was the Victorian period in English history?/英國歷史上的維多利亞時期發生在何時?
2. What are the main characteristics of English literature in the Victorian period?/維多利亞時期的英國文學有何主要特色?
3. What is the Chartist Movement?/什麼是「憲章運動」?
4. What is Utilitarianism?/何謂「功利主義」?
5. Why was England called the "workshop of the world" in the Victorian period?/為什麼英國在維多利亞時期被稱為「世界工廠」?
6. What is "dramatic monologue?"/什麼是「戲劇獨白」?
7. What is the "mingling of humour and pathos" in Dickens' work?/狄更斯作品中「幽默與哀婉情感的交融」主要表現在哪些方面?
8. What are the theme and artistic features of Dickens' earlier works?/狄更斯前期作品的主題和藝術特徵為何?
9. What are the themes and artistic features of Dickens' later works?/狄更斯後期作品的主題與藝術特徵是什麼?
10. Describe the major character types created by Dickens' in his works./請描述狄更斯筆下的人物主要類別。
11. What is the social significance of Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre?/夏洛蒂.勃朗特的小說《簡愛》的社會意義是什麼?
12. Describe the heroine in Jane Eyre./請描述《簡愛》一書中女主角的特點。
13. What is the theme of Charlotte Brontë's works?/夏洛蒂.勃朗特作品的主題是什麼?
14. What is the main theme of Wuthering Heights?/《咆哮山莊》的主題是什麼?
15. What is the unique technique used by Emily Brontë in her novel Wuthering Heights?/艾蜜莉.勃朗特《咆哮山莊》的敘述手法有何獨特的地方?
16. What are the major works of Tennyson? And what are their themes?/丁尼生的主要作品為何?其主題是什麼?
17. What are the artistic features of Robert Browning's poems?/白朗寧詩歌的藝術特點主要有哪些?
18. What do you know about Browning's poem "My Last Duchess?"/有關白朗寧的詩〈我的前任公爵夫人〉 ,你所知為何?
19. What was the feminine literary outlook of George Eliot?/喬治.艾略特的女性文學觀是什麼?
20. What is the striking features of psychological analysis in George Eliot's new type of novel?/喬治.艾略特的新型小說在心理分析方面有何特點?
21. What are the "novels of character and environment" by Thomas Hardy?/何謂哈代的「性格和環境小說」?
22. What are the "Wesse×novels?"/何謂哈代的「威塞克斯小說」?
23. How can we understand "Fatalism" in Hardy's works?/如何理解哈代作品中的「宿命觀」?
24. What is Aestheticism? Who are the representative writers of this school in Britain?/何謂「唯美主義」?其代表作家和代表作品有哪些?
25. What is the Celtic Renaissance?/何謂「克爾特文藝復興」?
VI 現代時期/The Modern Period
1. What is the basic philosophy of Modernist literature?/現代主義文學的基本思想和原則是什麼?
2. What was the influence of the two World Wars on British literature?/兩次世界兩次大戰對英國文學有何影響?
3. Who are the "Angry Young Men?"/「憤怒的青年」指的是什麼?
4. What is Existentialism?/什麼是存在主義?
5. Describe the characteristics of George Bernard Shaw's plays./請說明蕭伯納的戲劇主要特點。
6. What was Shaw's viewpoint on literature?/蕭伯納的文學創作主張是什麼?
7. What is the outline of Shaw's Mrs. Warren's Profession?/《華倫夫人的職業》的故事梗概是什麼?
8. What are the characteristics of Galsworthy's realism and its social effect?/高爾斯華綏的寫實主義小說有何主要特點和社會意義?
9. What is the basic idea in the works of Galsworthy?/高爾斯華綏的創作思想是什麼?
10. What are Galsworthy's representative works?/高爾斯華綏的代表作是什麼?
11. Give an the outline of The Man of Property. /《有產業的人》的故事梗概是什麼。
12. What is the theme of The Man of Property?/《有產業的人》的主題是什麼?
13. How can Yeats' poetic career be divided and what are the representative works?/葉慈的詩歌創作分為幾個時期?其代表作分別為何?
14. What are the characteristics of Yeats' poems?/葉慈詩歌的語言特點有哪些?
15. What is the theme of Yeats' "Sailing to Byzantium?" And what is its symbolic significance?/〈航向拜占庭〉的主題是什麼?「拜占庭」有何象徵意義?
16. What does the name "Innisfree" in Yeats' poem signify?/「茵尼斯菲」在葉慈的詩歌中指的是什麼?
17. What are the creative features and social significance of D. H. Lawrence's writing?/D. H. 勞倫斯的小說創作有何特色和社會意義?
18. Give a brief outline of Lawrence's Sons and Lovers. /《兒子與情人》的故事梗概是什麼?
19. What is the striking weakness of the main character, Paul, in Sons and Lovers?/《兒子與情人》小說中的主角保羅有何特點?
20. What was D. H. Lawrence's influence on modern and contemporary English literature?/D. H. 勞倫斯的小說對現代與當代英國文學有何影響?
21 What are the characteristics and social influence of Joyce's novels?/喬伊斯的小說有何特色和社會意義?
22. What is a "mock-epic?"/什麼是「嘲諷史詩」?
23. What was the influence of T. S. Eliot's writing and literary criticism on later English literature?/艾略特的創作和文學批評對當代英國文學有何影響?
24. What is the theme of "The Waste Land" and what does it symbolize?/〈荒原〉的主題是什麼?其象徵意義和社會意義何在?
25. What was "Bloomsbury Group?"/什麼是「布倫茲伯里集團」?
26. What is the theme and the moral significance of Lord of flies by William Golding?/威廉.高汀的小說《蒼蠅王》的主題和寓意是什麼?
第二部:美國文學(American Literature)
美國文學導讀 蔡振興
I 從啟蒙到浪漫主義時期/From American Enlightenment to the Romantic Period
1. Who were the Fireside Poets?/什麼是「爐邊詩人」?
2. What was the artistic achievement of Longfellow's poetry?/朗費羅的藝術成就是什麼?
3. How would you define the Romantic period in American literary history?/如何界定美國文學史上的浪漫主義時期?
4. What was the historical and socio-cultural background of the Romantic period in America?/美國浪漫主義時期的歷史背景和社會文化背景為何?
5. What were the literary characteristics of the American Romantic period?/美國文學浪漫主義時期的特點是什麼?
6. Describe the relationship between American Romanticism and European Romanticism?/請說明美國浪漫主義和歐洲浪漫主義之間的關係。
7. What is the theme of "Rip Van Winkle?" List the major works of Washington Irving and discuss the artistic characteristics of his works./〈李伯大夢〉的主題是什麼?列舉出歐文的主要作品並談談其作品的藝術特色。
8. What was transcendentalism?/什麼是超驗主義?
9. Describe the Emersonian transcendentalist idea and his view of nature./概述愛默生的超驗主義思想和他的自然觀。
10. What is the main idea of Thoreau's Walden?/梭羅的《湖濱散記》主題大意為何?
11. What is symbolism?/什麼是象徵主義?
12. What is free verse?/什麼是自由詩?
13. What is Puritanism?/什麼是清教主義?
14. What was the artistic achievement of James Fenimore Cooper? And what are his major works?/庫柏的主要藝術成就是什麼?他的主要作品有哪些?
15. What was the artistic achievement of Edgar Allan Poe?/愛倫坡的藝術成就是什麼?
16. Discuss the allegory and symbolism in "Young Goodman Brown."/談談〈年輕的好人布朗〉一文中的寓言和象徵手法。
17. What are Hawthorne's major works?/霍桑的主要作品有哪些?
18. Describe the characteristics of The Scarlet letter./ 談談小說《紅字》的藝術特色。
19. What are Melville's major works?/梅爾維爾的主要作品有哪些?
20. Discuss the symbolism in Melville's novel Moby-Dick./談談梅爾維爾長篇小說《白鯨記》的象徵意義。
21 What was the social significance of the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin?/《湯姆叔叔的小屋》的社會意義是什麼?
22. Why is Leaves of Grass considered a milestone in American literature?/為什麼《草葉集》被認為是美國文學的一個里程碑?
23. What are the thematic concerns and the characteristic style of Emily Dickinson's poetry? /狄瑾蓀詩作的藝術特色是什麼?
II 寫實主義時期 /The Realistic Period
1. How would you define the Realistic period in American literary history? What was the historical and socio-cultural background of the Realistic period in America?/如何界定美國文學的寫實主義時期?其歷史背景與社會文化背景為何?
2. What are the literary characteristics of the Realistic period in American literature?/美國寫實主義時期文學的特點是什麼?
3. What is realism?/ 什麼是寫實主義?
4. What is naturalism?/什麼是自然主義?
5. Discuss the distinction between realism and naturalism. /寫實主義和自然主義的區別為何?
6. What is Social Darwinism?/什麼是社會達爾文主義?
7. What is Regionalism?/什麼是地方色彩主義?
8. What was the influence of Darwinism and French Naturalism on American literature in its realist period?/達爾文主義和法國自然主義作家對美國寫實主義時期文學作品的影響為何?
9. What are Mark Twain's major works?/馬克吐溫的主要作品有哪些?
10. Discuss the character Huck in Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. What was the social significance of the novel?/談談《頑童流浪記》中哈克這個角色。這部小說的社會意義為何?
11. What does the "Gilded Age" refer to?/「鍍金時代」指的是什麼?
12. Discuss the reflections of realistic and naturalistic tendencies in American 19th-century novels./討論美國十九世紀小說中所反映出的寫實主義和自然主義趨勢。
13. Discuss the theme and major character in Henry James' novel Daisy Miller./談談亨利.詹姆斯的小說《黛西米勒》的主題和主角。
14. What was the artistic achievement of Henry James' novels?/亨利.詹姆斯小說的主要藝術成就是什麼?
15. What are Henry James' major works?/亨利.詹姆斯的主要作品有哪些?
16. Discuss the theme, stylistic features and the major character in Dreiser's Sister Carrie?/談談《嘉麗妹妹》的主題、語言風格和主角。
17. What are Dreiser's major works?/德萊塞的主要作品有哪些?
18. What are Jack London's major works?/傑克倫敦的主要作品有哪些?
III 現代時期/The Modern Period
1. Who were the American expatriate writers?/什麼是「去國者」 (「移居國外的英國人」)運動?
2. What was the Lost Generation?/什麼是「失落的一代」?
3. What was the Imagist Movement?/什麼是「意象派運動」?
4. Describe the characteristics of imagist poems./意象派詩歌的藝術特色是什麼?
5. What are the stylistic features of Hemingway's novels?/海明威小說的主要特色是什麼?
6. What are Hemingway's major works?/海明威有哪些主要作品?
7. What are F. Scott Fitzgerald's major works?/費茲傑羅的主要作品有哪些?
8. Discuss the theme and major characters in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby./談談費茲傑羅的小說《大亨小傳》的主題和主角。
9. Describe Robert Frost's nature poetry./何謂佛洛斯特的自然詩?
10. What impact did European modern art, Marxism, and Freud have on American modern literature?/歐洲現代派藝術、馬克思主義和佛洛伊德對美國現代文學有何影響?
11. Describe the characteristics of American modern literature. /請描述美國現代文學的特徵。
12. What is "stream of consciousness" writing?/什麼是「意識流」?
13. Discuss the concept of "wasteland" in relation to 20th-century American Iiterature./談談「荒原」意識在美國二十世紀文學中的反映。
14. What are Faulkner's major works? And what was his artistic achievement?/褔克納的主要作品有哪些?他的藝術成就是什麼?
15. Describe the main character in Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily."/談談褔克納的〈獻給艾蜜莉的玫瑰〉中的主角。
16. Who wrote the novel The Grapes of Wrath? What are his other major works?/誰寫了《憤怒的葡萄》?他的其他作品有哪些?
17. What is surrealism?/什麼是「超現實主義」?
18. Who's called "the greatest American playwright?"/誰被稱為「美國最偉大的劇作家」?
19. What is expressionism?/什麼是「表現主義」?
20. What is the Theatre of the Absurd?/什麼是「荒誕劇場」?
21. Where does the word "Babbitt" come from? What are Sinclair Lewis' other Iiterary achievements?/「巴比特」一詞來源為何?辛克萊.路易斯的藝術特色是什麼?
22. What was the Beat Generation?/什麼是「垮掉的一代」?
23. What is Black Humor?/什麼是「黑色幽默」?
24. Discuss late 20th-century Iewish fiction and its representatives /談談美國當代猶太主題小說及其代表人物。
25. What was the Harlem Renaissance?/什麼是「哈林文藝復興」?
26. What is African American literature?/什麼是「黑人文學」?
27. Who were the Black Mountain Poets?/什麼是「黑山派詩人」?
28. Describe the features of Toni Morrison's works. What are her major works?/童妮.摩里森的作品主要特色是什麼?她有哪些主要作品?
29. Who were the "Confessional Poets?"/什麼是「自白派詩人」?
30. What does the term Catch-22 refer to?/Catch-22指的是什麼?



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